Relying upon our history and experience, OBA has distilled its programs elements into Six key areas that are the most successful at affecting turn around behavior in youth and families.

These Six areas comprise:

Eco-Literacy and Cultural-Literacy: Providing meaningful, project and discovery based environmental education that serves to upgrade academic and social skills and promote a passion for further discovery. Every course is infused with activities identifying the significance and value of the participant's ethnic roots as well as curriculum stressing the importance of understanding the role and contributions indigenous cultures and other ethnic groups have played in managing natural landscapes.

Teambuilding and Leadership: Challenging youth with problem-solving initiatives and fun group activities designed to develop leadership skills, self mastery and create a strong sense of independence while fostering a greater understanding of the necessity for interdependence.

Physical Challenge: Providing youth with physical and mental challenges and the tools to overcome perceived obstacles while creating an opportunity for youth to escape a sedentary lifestyle.

Stewardship and Leave No Trace ethics: Educating youth on the value of being land stewards and the importance of giving back while providing the tools to implement what they learn in their own neighborhoods and communities.

Outdoor Careers in Conservation: Expose youth to environmental and outdoor careers that they would otherwise have never considered and provide practical paid and volunteer work experience that allows the youth to begin to build their resumes.

Community Engagement: Cooking as a group where all members have input and responsibility for making sure the meal is edible! This is the ultimate team builder that creates a strong sense of family and an environment of cooperation.