Diverse Outdoor Leaders Institute

The Diverse Outdoor Leaders Institute (DOLI) is a unique training program within OBA in collaboration with federal agencies designed to develop and train a cadre of elite outdoor leaders of color that will expose youth of color to our national parks, forests, and other wilderness areas.


Upon graduating from DOLI, graduates can become OBA Field Instructors and/or be connected to other outdoor career opportunities.

The purpose of DOLI is to create a strong pool of physically fit, knowledgeable instructors who come from traditionally underrepresented communities and have similar socioeconomic backgrounds as the young people we intend to serve. Nearly every federal land management agency suffers from a lack of access to qualified, diverse instructors who can safely and effectively facilitate outdoor education with urban youth groups. DOLI equips our parks, forests, and other outdoor areas with accessible and visible role models to reconnect all Americans to nature.

Each year DOLI participants complete a two-month training program designed to prepare them for outdoor work while creating the new leaders of tomorrow in outdoor education. The training areas covered in the training include:

  • Leadership & Personal Development
  • Camping & Backpacking Equipment Use

  • Facilitating Community Building Techniques

  • Behavioral Management Techniques

  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion Training

  • Wilderness Travel & Risk Management

  • Trip Logistics

  • Leave No Trace Trainer Certification

  • Interpretation of Ecological Concepts

  • Wilderness First Aid Certification

  • Map & Navigation Training

  • Careers in Conservation & Land Management

Through DOLI, OBA hopes to change the face of outdoor access and participation while making it easier and more relevant to urban communities.

Become a part of the DOLI Class of 2021!

DOLI Class of 2021 Applications are now closed


The scholarships and training will be offered only to the best applicants who want to push themselves into the most transformative and impactful leadership role. All applicants must be available on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30pm and on weekends. Applicants must also be available for 3 extended weekends (3 day weekends). In order to complete the program, applicants will be expected to attend all Wednesday sessions and weekend trips.

2021 Sessions Dates
Every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm from 9/22/21 to 11/17/21
Three Friday to Sunday overnight trips on 10/8/21 to 10/10/21, 10/22/21 to 10/24/21, and 11/5/21 to 11/7/21.

If you are over the age of 19, are able to participate in arduous physical activity, and are looking to change the face of the outdoors, please apply today!

To Apply Click Below:

DOLI Class of 2021 Applications are now closed

If you have additional questions, please contact Jorge Cortez, Director of Operations/Director of DOLI at jcortez@obainc.org