A Notice to Karens on the Arroyo Seco Trail in the City of Pasadena

By Charles Thomas, Executive Director

A NOTICE TO #Karens on the Arroyo Seco Trail in the City of Pasadena:

Yesterday, a white woman walking two dogs off leash on the trail refused to put her dogs on a leash at the request of OUTWARD BOUND ADVENTURES (OBA) trail crew who were doing restoration work there. The trail crew member who made the request to leash the dogs moved to the far edge of the trail to avoid the woman and her oncoming unleashed dogs. As the woman passed she called the trail crew member "ignorant" and continued to hurl other insults at the whole crew as she passed. The crew member who was insulted remained quiet. This is not the first time our crew has been subjected to this type of degrading insults.

We are deeply grateful to the City of Pasadena for our partnership in this work. This trail crew is made up of chronically-underemployed individuals from the local communities of color. They are being trained in the conservation and restoration of our trails for ALL people who use the trails. In addition, they have been instructed to be cordial with all people they encounter.

I am so proud of this crew and the work they are doing to improve our environment and improve themselves. If you see them working, please say hello and thank them for their service. If you see someone bothering them please be an #upstander.

And now for the notice, Karen: I will be instructing the crew that they have the right to maintain every ounce of dignity and power we have installed in them at OBA - they will not be fired for maintaining their dignity and power if they are accosted by people like you. If you or any other person has a problem with this notice, I invite you to share your issues directly with me.

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